Health. Fitness. Family. Working. Money. Aging.  Life is a constant juggling act.  We spend our days making decisions, unconsciously weighing the pros and cons of every detail.  Sometimes the choices are obvious, sometimes they are very difficult.  Sometimes we make the right ones and sometimes we make mistakes and have to deal with the consequences.

The purpose of this blog is to find a place to connect. Hopefully, by reading about all the ways we are similar, we won’t feel so alone. Hopefully, by sharing stories and ideas, we can support each other.

It always helps to know that there are other people living a variation of the same life that you are.  We all have the same successes and struggles and we all stumble along the way.  Finding the positive in any situation changes the ultimate outcome.

Laugh, see the bright side, use humour, take care of yourself and enjoy the ride!

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