My name Is Shea. I am in my 50s but I feel like I am in my 20’s, until my body reminds me that I am definitely not! I don’t believe that getting older has to slow you down. I want to enjoy my life. I want to play and explore, travel and continue to learn. I have a few medical challenges that require some accommodations, but for the most part, I aim to create a mid-lifestyle that is built around doing what I love surrounded by the people who matter.

I don’t believe that my world needs to revolve around designer labels or flashy cars.  I live on a relatively strict budget and have never felt deprived because I don’t own a $10000.00 purse.  I have spent many years working a 9-5 job while raising my children as a single mom and would happily do it all over again. We have always had everything we needed and more. When they were old enough to go to University and College, I joined them and graduated with a Business Diploma when I was 51. Getting a post-secondary education was one of the many things on my bucket list and definitely one of the most challenging ones.

Another ongoing challenge has been weight. Too much of it.  Too little of it.  Gaining it.  Losing it. For most people it’s a constant battle.  I have battled both extremes, from anorexia to obesity since I was 16 years old.  I have tried fad diets, exercise programs, shakes, magic pills and even lotions.  Some have had some effect, some have made me feel sick, weak and dizzy and some just wasted the ridiculous amounts of money people charge me by preying on my desperation and insecurity.

I have learned (but seem to keep forgetting) that the best answer for reaching and maintaining a decent weight is proper eating and consistent exercise.  It has proven successful for me in the past and although I have fallen off the food cart a few times, I am returning to reasonable eating patterns and some form of workout routine as the next item on the bucket list.

I have also learned that there are a number of things that can seriously affect your health and your weight as you age. Hormones, stress, medications,  and physical changes can make weight loss a bigger challenge than it ever was.

I am just a regular person. I am not a doctor or medical professional of any kind. I try and fail, but I believe you have to get up and try again.  I really don’t like to lose! 

My ultimate goal is to inspire, relate, share and learn with others who share my desire to be healthy and happy and enjoy this stage of my life, all while defying the rules of aging.

I look forward to our journey through this chapter together.

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