Diet and Fitness

Weight. Too much of it.  Too little of it.  Gaining it.  Losing it. For most people it’s a constant battle.  I have been battling both extremes since I was 16 years old.

I have tried fad diets, exercise programs, shakes, magic pills and even lotions.  Some have had some effect, some have made me feel sick, weak and dizzy and some just wasted the ridiculous amounts of money they charge by preying on my desperation and insecurity.

I have learned (but seem to keep forgetting) that the best answer for maintaining a decent weight, and reaching it in the first place, is proper eating and consistent exercise.  It has proven successful for me in the past and although I have fallen off the food cart a few times, returning to reasonable eating patterns and some form of workout routine always brings me back.

My goal is to inspire, relate, share and learn with others who share my desire to be healthy and happy with how I look and who I am.

I look forward to reaching our goals together.

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