Reality Strikes

I was listening to one of my coworkers this week and noticed that she was talking quite a bit about the calorie and sodium content of various foods.  Although she is now eating meat due to medical requirements, she was vegan/vegetarian/pescetarian for over 15 years and is very well versed in food attributes, but she seemed suddenly overwhelmed.

This woman is one of the most self-confident people I have ever met.  She is always dressed well and her hair is always perfect.  I have never seen her struggle with her appearance so I found this new diet and weight loss focus very intriguing. When we were alone in the office we found ourselves in a conversation about weight loss and how we were looking to find ways to get back to the size we once were. It turns out that what triggered her sudden obsession with weight loss was a photograph that someone had taken of her.  Although she is a frequent selfie taker, she saw a full body shot and was very surprised by the image.  She found her scale and stepped onto it, only to further the shock.  She had never seen a number this high on the scale. Suddenly she became very aware of her lifestyle and how food played a major role in all of her social engagements as well as her day to day life.

She decided that she had to start paying attention to the choices she was making.  She has no intention of becoming a recluse or starving herself, but instead she intends to seek out the best options for work lunches and at family parties, as well as reducing the portion sizes that she puts on her plate.

I recalled that many years ago she was a big fan of hot yoga and used to attend classes a few times a week.  She also loves to walk.  She has already begun walking more frequently and is now considering returning to yoga.

All programs or processes start with awareness and desire. You have to know what you’re doing and where you want to be. The steps to get there should be logical and feasible. Expect to lose slowly and steadily while changing your lifestyle to include good food choices and portion sizes, while incorporating some activity into your routine.   This will get you on your way and the results will be worth the wait.


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