What Motivates You?

I am always looking for sources of inspiration and motivation to help keep me on track. We all know the positive health benefits, and the mirror is usually another good source of motivation, but some days I need a reminder. There are times when it just seems like an awful lot of effort. I guess it comes down to why it is that you are doing this.

I have taken to watching infomercials for exercise products or weight loss programs and listening to the stories of the people they interview. Many have medical reasons for getting into shape, others just want to look and feel better, but something in every one of their stories inspires me, and reminds me of my reasons for wanting to succeed. I absolutely do not want to wind up as one of the medical stories, and I definitely want to look and feel better.

I recently spent a lazy Sunday afternoon watching a program called My 600lb Life. I was fascinated by the stories of how these people got to be in such an incredible and sad situation. I am not criticizing, as I have been well over the 200 mark myself. I just don’t know how we let ourselves get that far. I heard some of them making excuses for their gaining weight over the months they were being monitored and I was frustrated with them, but quickly realized that I have (and still do) made the same excuses to justify my weight. I also noticed that one of them was eating the allotted 1200 calories a day, but was choosing to eat 2 Tater Tots and one fish stick as part of what comprised that 1200 calories. It may add up to the right number, but it’s definitely not conducive to weight loss or good health! This was definitely something I would try to justify, but really, who am I hurting??

There was one woman who was trying to lose it all for her daughter. She wanted to be able to play with her and do things with her because she felt her daughter was embarrassed by her, and that her daughter would eventually be teased or bullied because of her mother’s appearance. Although I loved that this gave her the inspiration to start, I was relieved when she began losing the weight and started to include herself as part of the reason she was determined to reach her goal.

It is my personal opinion that everything you do in life can be inspired by someone else, but ultimately you have to be doing it for yourself before you will succeed.

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