Trying New Ideas

It’s been a much better week.  I think I may be getting back into some sort of routine, both with my food choices and with my mini workout plan.

I am trying what I call the Many Mini Meals plan, where I have several small healthy meals and snacks throughout the day.  I am not convinced that this is the long term plan that is going to take me to my goal, but it is a way to get into choosing healthy foods and never feeling deprived.  Eventually, even if I remove a couple of the little snacks I might be able to continue to choose more appropriate foods and eat at regular meal times.  The benefit of the mini meals is that the insulin levels in my body stay constant and my metabolism doesn’t feel the need to store food, as it knows there will be more coming soon.  That way it can process and dispose of the unwanted fats and toxins leaving me only with the fuel I need.

I saw an infomercial for an eating plan called Food Lovers that made a lot of sense to me.  It puts specific foods together that work with one another to make your metabolism work for you.  The concept made sense and it claims you can eat any food you want.  I realize that doesn’t mean I can eat 8 slices of pizza, or burgers and fries every night, but the idea that I can incorporate these types foods into my very real, on the go, crazy busy routine without feeling like I have messed things up, is an idea I think I am willing to try. I plan to do a little more leg work on the plan itself and the people who have tried it, but it has definite potential. In the meantime, I will focus on what I have been doing and I may add a few more stretches (maybe a little bit of yoga) and some low impact cardio to my workouts.

I hope everyone is having a successful time with your personal goals. If you haven’t started yet, but you are ready to give it a try, good luck and remember that we all understand how difficult it is. Just take the first step and build a little more each day.

Keep up the good work!

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